Foster Care Point of Contact Directory

Single points of contact in K-12 education, child welfare agencies, and higher education reduce both academic and non-academic barriers for youth in foster care.

In K-12 education, school and child welfare partners need to work together frequently regarding school placement best interest determinations (BIDs), transportation coordination, and enrollment and records transfers. Routine collaboration and joint decision making between education and child welfare partners is critical to the educational stability and success of K-12 youth in foster care.

In higher education, single points of contact are designated safe and supportive college administrators committed to helping foster care youth successfully navigate the college-going process.

The statewide directory of these single points of contact for youth in foster care is found here.

Local Education Agency (LEA) School Point of Contact

The Pennsylvania Department of Education requires Pennsylvania's LEAs receiving Title I funds to identify and register a Foster Care Point of Contact (POC). This includes public school districts, charter schools, and cyber charter schools. Search the LEA Point of Contact Directory.

County Children and Youth Agency (CCYA) Education Liaison Directory

County children and youth agencies (CCYAs) in Pennsylvania have designated an Education Liaison or have identified other staff responsible for education related issues. Search the CCYA Education Liaison Directory.

Regional Foster Care Office Directory

The Pennsylvania Department of Education has established eight foster care regions throughout Pennsylvania. Foster Care Regional Offices are available to assist with questions pertaining to ESSA's foster care provisions and to provide guidance and professional development. Search the Regional Foster Care Office Directory.

Higher Education Single Point of Contact Directory

Colleges and universities across Pennsylvania are establishing campus support programs to assist foster care youth in attending and succeeding in higher education. Many higher education institutions have identified single points of contact on their campuses to assist foster care youth. Search the Higher Education Single Point of Contact Directory.