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The homeless shelter directory (not all-inclusive) contains a listing of emergency shelters and housing providers. The shelters and providers listed accept homeless families and/or homeless youth (such as runaways or unaccompanied homeless youth). There are no shelters listed that serve homeless individuals solely, nor day shelters or shelters for individual women and men (although some of the shelters/providers listed may admit single adults).

This resource will help you communicate with families experiencing homelessness and runaway or unaccompanied homeless children and youth. Some shelters are emergency shelters and a family or runaway or unaccompanied youth can access them directly from the street. Emergency shelters and other housing providers offer these families a safe haven and needed resources. Most shelters accept families with school age children. Some shelters are listed in more than one county. This occurs when a shelter openly welcomes families from adjoining communities.

Contact ECYEH if you know of a new shelter in your area, one no longer in operation or if other contact information changes are needed.

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